Private Multifunction Room

Do you need access to:
  • Some private space for a meeting with access to a projector or TV
  • Need somewhere to hold a club / class but need some space to hold it
  • Some space quiet to be able to take photo's or use for your own creative needs.
Why not come rent the NeST private multifunction room?

The room is able to be customised to have private meetings / classes / clubs / workshops or use for your own creative needs for painting or photography. You can choose to rent it for a few hours, a day or in a series of sessions for a very reasonable rate.

Example set up for a meeting / class / workshop

Depending on your needs
  • You will be able to use the table top projector or the TV. 
  • Use the roller back drops for photography
  • Can seat up to a maximum of 12 people
  • Any refreshments needed can be booked in advance
This room is ready and currently available to book for anyone who wants it.
Please contact us to book it today - 01833 695172 -